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Art Practical Interview 1/27/11

interview with Bruno Fazzolari

Art Practical Interview by Bruno Fazzolari 1/27/11

by Bruno Fazzolari Being an abstract artist, you’re always asking the viewer to participate in the experience of looking at the art work or being with the art work. Any kind of ambiguity causes the viewer to be a participant, and in certain ways, a collaborator of the art work. More »

Ice on the High


Ice On The High is a collaborative art/sound/video revolving event that happens in the San Francisco Bay Area, mainly in the East Bay. It began in West Berkeley at the Pacific Basin Building and is expanding to other venues. The idea is present artists and composers and musicians who want to work together fusing the content and form live for the public. The resulting projects are both analogue, digital, interactive, low-tech, and high tech. There is a spirit of experimentation and generosity in aesthetics. Some of the work has been involved with environmental politics, economic and social justice concerns. The idea of play, collectivity, and a harkening toward the contemporary moment is central.

Some of the individuals who participated so far:
Kim Anno, Ricardo Rivera, David Coll, Marcia Scott, Eric Ullmann, Maggie Foster, Josh Clayton, Christophe Fellay, Terry Berlier, Luciano Chessa, Jose Navarette, Lauren Marsden, Euphonia, Miranda Mellis, among others.